Website Soft Launch Quick Note

We have transferred our major Blog Space to the Cumbric Revival Community Forum and thank everyone for their kind contributions here.

At the time of writing this, our website is being apha tested for upload on Monday, the same day that we anticipate our Press Releases going out to advertise both the Cumbric Revival Community Forum, as well as the launch of The Dragon’s Voice Publishing House.

We have archived all of the Blogs, as well as your kind comments, and those blogs which haven’t yet been transferred to the Community Network should become so soon.

In keeping with other Brythonic Revivals, we have of course attracted some very racist and abusive comments – some inadvertent, but others quite obviously with intent – but, having the accumulated experience of the Cornish Revival in particular, have come out hard hitting from the start against those who seemed to beracist with intent.

My very kind regards to those who would already consider me a friend, or fond acquaintance! As indeed, I already have much fondness for some of the people who have made comments here!

Anthony ap Anthony o Rheged


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